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2022/01/28 - 10:54

Considering the fact that the basic values ​​of human life at the individual and collective levels cannot be achieved without achieving independence, independence is a necessity and prerequisite for achieving a free, meaningful and happy life for human beings, both individually and collectively. Also, because the lives and destiny of people are linked to the political life of their nations, the independence and happiness of nations is a prerequisite for the freedom and happiness of its members. In this regard, the independence of Kurdistan as the ancient Kurdish nation is a major need and goal that the fate of the Kurdish people and nation is linked to.

Although Kurdish efforts for independence have not reached a clear outcome to date, the discourse of independence has constantly existed alongside and mixed with other political discourses. Today, we are at a stage where the discourse of independence has been marginalized in favor of other ideological and political discourses in such a way that the sources related to this main issue and goal are somewhat unknown. In order to take steps to solve this problem, the Independent Kurdistan Discourse website project collects articles, books, audio and color documents related to Kurdistan's independence.

From a supra-party and “supra-ideological” perspective, and avoiding any attempt that risks fragmentation and disunity, Independence website tries to collect independence-related work in several languages ​​and in various fields only on an objective basis . . . . The aim of this project is to facilitate free online access to resources on independence as a forum. Thus, the managers of this project hope that this step can not only lead to stability and development of independence discourse, but also as a bridge of communication to become a platform to improve relations between individuals, organizations and groups of independence in Kurdistan. For this purpose, this project welcomes the cooperation and support of Kurdistan's independence fighters.

Project Initiators

The initiators of this project are Tahir Khaledi and Sirwan Renas.

Article publication criteria

  1. The issue should be directly or indirectly related to Kurdistan's independence. The article can be about the independence of part of Kurdistan (eg the east) or the whole of Kurdistan.
  2. Direct contact: The purpose is to focus on Kurdistan's independence.
  3. Indirect connection: The purpose is to focus on the issues necessary for this independence, including intellectual and economic independence: The author talks about the history of thought in Kurds and Kurdistan and the importance of this for Kurdistan's independence He described this as a necessity for Kurdistan's independence or an independent reading of Kurdish history.
  4. Topics cover all areas of academic study and research and are not reduced to a particular branch. For example, philosophy, politics, sociology, psychology, economics, technology, history, etc.
  5. Publishing the article should not cause copyright infringement problems for the website and the project. This applies especially to many English works and may result in the closure of the website.
  6. If a person or entity believes that we have published a work without their consent, please let us know in the contact section so that we can remove the item.
  7. Articles should generally follow academic methods.
  8. Includes articles, books, articles, videos, audio, images, and documents.
  9. Articles will be published in any Kurdish language and dialect. The Kurdish section is divided alphabetically only. Other major languages ​​on the site include English, Arabic, Turkish, and Persian. Outside of these languages, if there is an important article, it will be published again, but there is no special section for other languages.
  10. An issue, even if it is about Kurdistan's independence, should be outside of support and propaganda for a particular person, group, religion, or political party.
  11. The article will be published by anyone, regardless of the author's personality or political position.
  12. This project is responsible for the publication and non-publication of articles. That is, if an article is submitted by someone to the site and the site administrators do not publish it for any reason, the person can request a direct contact to be informed why the article was not published.
  13. If an article has been published on this website that is critical from an independence point of view and should not be published in this project, please send us your comments and write to us why this article should be removed.